Upcycled and Vintage
Also Coming Soon:

WindCatchers  - handmade from 100% used materials - empty aluminium drink cans...

Tiered cake stands - gorgeous crazy set (mixed and matched) vintage patterns and retro plates given a new lease of life with all new fittings. Popular for Baby and Bridal Showers, High Teas and vintage themed weddings..

My overlocking adventures continue...

Currently I am having fun upcycling pre-used vintage jumpers into new fashion objects, giving them a second life! All fabrics can be used, in fact the daggier and old fashioned the design the better, as long as they have a little stretch! All 100% unique and interesting. No two are alike.

Up-cycled Clothing

Coming soon to my online shop :

This summer I have been defying the heat (summer in Sydney Australia is very HOT) and collecting old knitted jumpers and sweaters for recycling into new clothing.  All materials have been thoroughly washed and dried in the warm summer sun to breathe new life into them.  While I felt a little silly making warm fingerless gloves and legwarmers, coats and hats...while the temperature reached record-breaking highs - they will shortly be ready for sale and chilly winter days when she comes :)

I am going to post a couple of pictures here to give you a sneak peak... but very soon - during Feb 2013 - I'll be photographing them and putting them up individually on the 'Items For  Sale' page where you can peruse to your hearts content. Purchases will initially be via PayPal and mailed directly to you or else COD is most welcome if you live locally.

so, what have I been making?

Fingerless Upcycled  Gloves

with exposed seams for a deconstructed look, these are fun, functional and each one unique!

Funky Leg warmers :)
super cute over skinny jeans and when worn with winter tights and leggings..

Elf coats... out-of-this world one-off designs with long peaked hoods (joined) thanks to the legendary Katwise for inspiration and my friend Karen for doing the modelling - she's a little bit small for this particular coat (size 12-14) lol but you get the idea..


a whole lot of upcycled kids clothing - warm pants, funky coats, baby hats and the cutest of dresses...

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